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What is Project Challenge's vocational qualification?

Public Services Level 1 Award & Certificate

What units does Project Challenge consist of?

  • Self Management Skills
  • Managing your own Health at Work
  • Improving Health and Fitness for Entry into the Uniformed Public Services
  • Practical Teamwork in the Public Services
  • Introduction to Expedition Skills
  • Map Reading Using OS Maps

What does Project Challenge's timetable look like?

Tuesday and Thursday - 9:30 - 15:30, Wednesday - 10:00 - 15:30

What do we do at Project Challenge?

Tuesday – Public Services and a 1 hour boxing session at Rawthorpe Boxing Club.


Wednesday – Functional Skills in English and maths, followed by Employability sessions.


Thursday – Alternating hill days or enrichment sessions. Hill days are hikes to prepare for residentials and improve fitness. These take place in the beautiful surrounding areas of Calderdale including Ogden, Daisy Bank and Stoodley Pike to name a few. Enrichment days can include everything from museum trips to group reward outings.