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What is Ignite's vocational qualification?

BTEC Level 1 Award Introductory in Public Services and BTEC Level 1 Certificate Introductory in Public Services.

What units does Ignite consist of?

Skills being developed include, developing a Progression Plan, finding out about Public Services, Being Organised, Taking Part in Fitness Testing, Taking Part in Sport and Adventurous Activities.

What does Ignite's timetable look like?

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

What do we do at Ignite?

  • Produce a progression plan to meet intended progression goal.
  • Learners will learn about different public services in their area and what purpose they serve.
  • Investigate the common features of these public services, such as uniforms, and basic practices, such as taking part in drills.
  • Learners will learn about different techniques to help them improve their own organisational skills and how to use them.
  • Learners will develop their skills that will allow them to plan, take part in and review fitness testing activities.
  • They will look at the basic fitness tests that are required as part of the selection stages for different public services and at the levels of fitness required to undertake them.
  • Learners will find out about the importance of sport and recreation to the public services.
  • Develop the physical, communication and teamwork skills that are needed to take part in individual sports, team sports and adventurous activities.

They will produce plans for taking part indifferent sports and activities.

We undertake enrichment trips to enhance the learners experience of the working world. Guest speakers from Public Services to provide relevant and interesting insights.