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What is Project Challenge?

Project Challenge is a registered Charity which delivers an intensive training programme to young people between the ages of 16 -24. It combines classroom learning with tough physical challenges. It aims to deliver an effective youth programme to meet the needs of disaffected young people by the use of a 6-month basic skills training programme.

Project Challenge has five rules which must be obeyed

No Drugs
No Alcohol
No Thieving
No Vandalism
No Violence
These may seem easy but it is hard for some people whose lifestyle depends around these things.

A few days away may seem easy, but for the young people they have no access to the usual drug and drink pattern and, for violent people being so close together for a period of time in stressful conditions where theyare faced with problems that they have to solve is extremely difficult. They begin to realise that they can rely on themselves to make decisions and decisions that work. They realise that violence is not the only answer.

Working with this group is not always easy but we never give up as we are often literally their last chance of survival from the descent into self-destruction.

Project Challenge aims to 'unlock young people's potential' by developing the confidence of these young people, enabling them to achieve qualifications and a more positive self-image. The design of the training programme is unique in that it targets behavioural and anti social problems.
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